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(DS) SVP24-3 High Powered HEPA Dust & Heavy Pick Up Vacuum

(DS) SVP24-3 High Powered HEPA Dust & Heavy Pick Up Vacuum

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SnapLok High Powered HEPA Vacuum for Dust Control & Heavy Debris Pick-Up

Special Features:

· 3- High Powered Motors with state of the art conical fan blade technology for maximum air flow and suction

· High Impact Resistant Plastic Drum and Motor Head 

· HEPA Filtration

· Reusable, Easy to Clean Filtering System

· 12" Rear Wheels for no hassle stair climbing

· 425 CFM (the highest air flow and best dust collection performance on the market)

· 115 inches of water column (H2O) (highest suction capacity of any multi-motor vacuum)

· Includes: 1- 4" dia. x 10' hose, 1- 3" dia. x 12' hose, 1- 1 1/2" dia. accessory kit

· Outperforms any 3- motor vacuum on the market for both dust collection and heavy pick-up 

· Weight: 53 lbs.

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