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SnapLok Complete Starter Kit w/Stainless Steel Fittings (CSK-2)

SnapLok Complete Starter Kit w/Stainless Steel Fittings (CSK-2)

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Item #: CSK-2

SnapLok Complete Starter Kit

New! Stainless Steel fittings connect like butter and won’t rust!

This kit provides a great mix of cleaning heads and rod selection for rotary cleaning open fireplaces and other masonry flues as well as 6" stove liners, 8x8 masonry flues and prefab/manufactured fireplaces.

The kit includes 5/8", 3/4" and 13/16" dia. rods. When cleaning from the bottom up, start with the smaller dia. rods first (5/8" and/or 3/4") then start adding the larger rods as you get farther up the chimney.  The 1/2" rods are designed specifically for this purpose. They are flexible and have a tapered flange on the rod ends to ensure the fittings won’t catch on any edges within metal flues. You can also use one or two 1/2" rods as a leader with the larger dia. rods for starting through tight bends.

The 24" Death Star (DSW24) is the best all around whip head for many of your masonry fireplace and smoke chamber cleaning.  It includes vertical whip lines for cleaning the under side of the cap.  The Rotary Chamber Brush (RCB-Med) has a unique design so

the filament cannot come out like the old wooden core brushes from other suppliers.

The Rotary Power Brushes are great for prefab and masonry fireplace cleaning. The ChainWhip and CableWhip are used for

glaze removal or crusty buildup.


11- ½" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rods (SNR12-SS)
4- 5/8" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rods (SNR15-SS)
6- ¾" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rods (SNR18-SS)
6- 13/16" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rods (SNR20-SS)
1- 9" dia. BullWhip with bullet-shaped head (BW09)
1- 24" dia. Death Star PowerWhip Head (DSW24)
1- 82' x .155"/25M x 4mm Replacement Whip Line Reel (RPWL40-25)
1- ChainWhip, adjusts from 12" – 20" (CHW12)
1- 18" dia. CableWhip w/SS Crimped End Caps (CW450)
1- Rotary Chamber Brush (Med.) Flares out to 24" dia. (RCB-Med)
1- 14" dia. with 8" inner dia. Rotary Power Brush (RPB14-8)
1- 17" dia. with 10" inner dia. Rotary Power Brush (RPB17-10)
1- 3' Open ended Rod Caddy (RCAD03)
1- 4' Zipper Rod Caddy (RCADZ04)
1- SnapLok® Drill Adapter (DA800-SS)
1- Hex Key (for changing whip line)

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