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(DS) Medium Filament Rotary Chamber Brush & Duct Brush (RCB-MED)

(DS) Medium Filament Rotary Chamber Brush & Duct Brush (RCB-MED)

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Item #: RCB-MED

Soft Filament Rotary Chamber & Duct Cleaning Brush

Great for Air Duct Cleaning

NEW Design- More Durable, Long Lasting.
The New SnapLok Rotary Chamber Cleaning Brush is now made with a layered nylon core.  No more wooden core with glue that fails quickly.  Our filament is secured in a way to prevent it from falling out under heavy use.

Not Just for the Smoke Chamber!!
Once you've cleaned the smoke chamber, use the same brush to rotary clean right into the flue to the top.  Works great and is becoming the best overall rotary cleaning brush.

(DS) items are made-to-order and may have slightly longer lead times.

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