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(DS) HS-Combo_36"L Hose Sleeve (HS-36)

(DS) HS-Combo_36"L Hose Sleeve (HS-36)

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Item #: HS-Combo

36"L Hose Sleeve 

Designed by Braxton Hill, a professional chimney and dryer vent specialist, this great new product keeps your hose from getting covered in soot.

It also has a ring at the end to attach a hook or magnet for placing the end of the hose on the damper frame or other areas where you want too secure the end of the hose for better controlling the dust.

Simply slide the the sleeve and throw it in the washing machine to wash.

Optional Accessory:

Hose Sleeve Hanger Kit


1- Powerful Magnet with 10" chain & Snap Hook

1- Hanger Hook with Snap Hook

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