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(DS) Ferret Plus WiFi Camera Kit (FPC-Kit)

(DS) Ferret Plus WiFi Camera Kit (FPC-Kit)

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Item #: FPC-Kit

Ferret Plus WiFi camera has a built-in hotspot and streams live to your Smartphone, iPad or Tablet.

The Ferret Plus WiFi camera is an upgraded version of the Ferret Sweeps camera.  It now has better range, an "always up" feature and an on board memory.  So if you happen to lose signal, the on board memory will keep recording and then it will dump onto your device (smart phone, iPad, tablet, etc.) once back in range.
The "always up" feature means the camera view will always be upright even when you are rotating the camera.

Works great for inspecting smoke shelves, liners, prefab fireplaces, dryer vents as well as some masonry flues.  
For masonry flues, use the WiFi Repeater, sold separately, to boost the signal if necessary.


- Built-In WiFi Hotspot
- Adjustable focus
- Adjustable Lighting
- Live stream to your device
- On board memory
- "Always Up" feature
- Rechargeable: New Fast Charge feature. Charges from flat to 95% in 1 hour
- Dust proof and waterproof (IP67 rated)
- Record Videos and take Snap Shots and save directly to your device
- Attach to a number of accessories to center in chimneys and ducts or use an extension pole to reach high areas

The FPC-Kit Includes:

- Ferret Plus Camera
- Adjustable goose neck
- Short rod for retrieval attachments (hook & magnet)
- USB charging cord
- Padded EVA Case
- 1- Hook and 1- Magnet attachment
- Misc. fittings for small wire pulling rods

**Note: Accessories Sold Separately

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