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ChainWhip Double (CHW-DBL)

ChainWhip Double (CHW-DBL)

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Item #: CHW-DBL-SS

ChainWhip Double 

This one-of-a-kind ChainWhip incorporates a male fitting on top which allows attachment of various other cleaning heads such as; PowerWhips, Death Star Scrubber, additional ChainWhip, CableWhips, etc. and adjusts from 12" - 20" dia.

Used for 3rd degree glazed creosote removal.  In order to prevent damage to clay flue tiles and mortar joints, avoid staying in one spot too long and use the speed of the drill to control the aggressiveness.  Slowing the drill down also allows the chains to reach out into the corners better.

The SnapLok "Quick Change" feature makes it fast and easy to adjust the length of the chain to various combinations and replacing the chain a breeze. No tools required. 

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