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(DS) Branch Run Rotary Cleaning Kit (33') (BRK-33)

(DS) Branch Run Rotary Cleaning Kit (33') (BRK-33)

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Item #: BRK-33

Branch Run Rotary Cleaning Kit (33')

New! Stainless Steel fittings connect like butter and won’t rust!

This kit is great for branch runs from 6" dia. up to 14" dia. The rods are flexible yet have enough stiffness to go long distances. The rods also have stainless steel fittings which are very smooth to connect and disconnect and extremely durable. They also have large SnapLok® fitting so they will connect to the other larger rods (5/8", 3/4" and 13/16" diameter rods). 

The brushes are soft enough to be used in flex duct and provide a nice wiping action inside the duct.


11- 1/2" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rods w/stainless steel fittings (SNR12-SS)

1- 7" Soft Rotary Dome Brush (RDB7-Soft)

1- 10" Soft Rotary Dome Brush (RDB10-Soft)

1- SnapLok® Drill Adapter (Large Fitting) (DA800-SS)

1- 3' Open End Rod Caddy (RCAD03)


(DS) items are made-to-order and may have slightly longer lead times

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