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(DS) 5/8" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rod (SNR15-SS) (Each)

(DS) 5/8" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rod (SNR15-SS) (Each)

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Item #: SNR15-SS

5/8" dia. x 3' Solid Nylon Rod  

New! Stainless Steel fittings connect like butter and won’t rust! 

These rods have a good mix of flexibility yet somewhat ridged for a wide range of power sweeping applications. Good as leader rods or stand alone for smaller flues but generally too stiff for liner cleaning. For rotary cleaning from the bottom up on taller flues, we recommend using 3 or 4 5/8" rods then add 3/4" rods, then 13/16".
These rods also work great for rotary cleaning main trunk lines in air duct cleaning. For longer trunk lines, add some of the 3/4" rods for better control.  

Special Features:

- Solid Nylon Blend (SnapLok's own proprietary blended resin)
- Proven Durability and Strength
- All Stainless Steel Fittings, Buttons and Springs
- Used by Sweeps in more than 23 Countries 

(Sold Individually)

(DS) items are made-to-order and may have slightly longer lead times.

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