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(DS) 4" Centering Brush for Ferret Sweeps Camera (FCB-4)

(DS) 4" Centering Brush for Ferret Sweeps Camera (FCB-4)

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Item #: FCB-4

4" Centering brush for Ferret Sweeps WiFi Camera

Use this centering brush to guide the Ferret camera down dryer vents and smaller air ducts.

Please Note: 

Due to the shape of the Ferret and the fact we cannot cover the entire camera with a plastic ball type housing because it would lose signal, it is not intended for longer dryer vent runs with multiple elbows.  It is suitable for straight runs with only one or two bends.

For dryer vent video inspection, the best option is the WDVR-7 Wireless Dryer Vent Camera we sell as it's specifically designed for dryer vent inspections.  The ball shape of the camera combined with the spring allows it to glide through dryer vents with multiple bends while maintaining signal for up to 45+ feet. 


(DS) items are made-to-order and may have slightly longer lead times.


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