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(DS) 3 Motor HEPA Vac Combo w/Small 1 Motor Vac

(DS) 3 Motor HEPA Vac Combo w/Small 1 Motor Vac

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3 Motor HEPA Vac Combo w/Small 1 Motor Vac



1- 3 Motor HEPA Vac (SVP24-3) 

1- One Motor HEPA Vac w/2" Inlet (SVP9-1S) 

- Complete hose kit: 1-4" dia hose, 1- 3" dia. and your choice of 1- 2" accessory kit or 1- 1 1/2" accessory kit

- Power Outlets on both HEPA vacs


This is the most versatile and highest performing combo on the market that allows you to tackle a wide range of jobs, both dust control and heavy pickup. You get 2 vacs for less than the price of one 3- motor vac from our competition!

The 2- motor vac provides exceptional performance for daily sweeping and is a lighter weight than 3- motor vacs, so a little easier for day to day use on normal sweeping jobs.

The key to the combo is you use the 2- motor vac for most sweeping jobs then use the 1- motor vac for those times you need additional dust control and suction, like breakouts, chain whipping, etc. 

Run the vacs side by side to create the highest dust control capabilities of any vac on the market.

You then have the small 1- motor vac for those harder to reach areas like basements, dryer vent cleaning and multi level condos when cleaning pre-fabs/dryer vents.

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