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(DS) 24" Flexible Dryer/Crevice Vac Attachment (DVA-24)

(DS) 24" Flexible Dryer/Crevice Vac Attachment (DVA-24)

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Item #: DVA-24

24" Flexible Dryer/Crevice Vac Attachment

This flexible vac attachment allows you to vacuum small, hard to reach areas such as inside lint screen ducts, inside the dryer, under the dryer and many other hard to reach areas inside pellet stoves, etc.

Unlike other similar attachments, we made our own mold for the vacuum fitting that fits over the "outside" of the flexible tube.  All others fit to the inside which greatly reduces the area of the tube and cause the tube to clog much easier.  

We also do not place a fitting on the end of the tube in order to utilize the entire inside dimension providing the best pic up capabilities for a vacuum attachment of this size.


(DS) items are made-to-order and may have slightly longer lead times.

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